The Mysterious Cloth

In August 1998, a brand new 9ft by 15ft muslin cloth  was brought up from the cellar to be painted for a photograph. This photograph would be  entitled, "Coming Out of  the Dark." The cloth was painted  black and yellow  with latex house paint  outside on the grass in the backyard. Afterwards, it was laid over boxes in the cellar  for a few days to dry.  The  cloth was then  brought upstairs and placed on background holders in preparation for the shooting of  the  photograph.
The cloth was situated directly in front of the sliding glass doors which backlit the it. The sunlight illuminated the cloth which then  revealed its hidden  images. These mysterious images were embedded within the thin fibers of the cloth.  If  this cloth had not been placed in front of the sunlit sliding  glass doors, the  embedded images  would never have been discovered. 
An eerie apparition of a life-sized white winged horse, a serpent's head, the holy Virgin Mary along with biblical images that corresponded to verses from the Book of Revelation 19:11- 20:3 had appeared within this black muslin cloth. These images were the center focus of this painting. The first recognizable image in the middle of this 9ft x 15ft black muslin cloth was a 5ft tall by 2¾ft wide white winged horse. The images which were embedded within this white winged horse paralleled passages from The Book of Revelation. (Rev. 19:11 – 20:3)  Within this white winged horse were images of 3 silhouetted angels, an owl, and a sword. Below the white horse’s image was an image of men marching with some objects carried over their shoulders which could represent  the lake of fire. This white horse image also appeared as a serpent’s head. Reversed, that same white horse image became the Virgin Mary, a robed women praying with a light source over her head.
The cloth also includes many other strange images. One unusual image was the image of two UFOs. They seemed very foreign to this cloth. Yet it was like the two UFOs appeared as a watermark to show us who painted this masterpiece.
According to Webster Dictionary a watermark is defined as the following - A translucent design impressed on paper during manufacture and visible when the finished paper is held to the light.
The images are embedded within cloth.  They only could be seen if the cloth  were backlit. Only then were these images visible. If not backlit, the images disappeared and the painting remained black on both sides. The white that is seen in these pictures is not white paint. It  is the light that has illuminated the fabric streaming through the fibers from the back.
The painting was of  light itself.  Light  brought this painting to life. Without light, the images were hidden within the black muslin cloth. 
One more very extraordinary image which appeared in this cloth was a very strong masculine eye. This eye was situated in the top left hand corner of this cloth staring down at the viewer.
This story is not about religion. It is about a paranormal experience that happened to me. How my story is perceived is entirely up to the reader.

(Scroll down to see Ms. Rose   standing beside the cloth.)