The Blue Lights and the UFO Connection 

In the spring of 1998 at 2:00 AM, my daughter and I were instantly awakened by a power outage. When I awoke the bedroom was lit by a strange blue light. My daughter stood at the window, peering through the blinds, looking at a strange beam of light which she first thought to be a helicopter. This blue light lit the back street as though it were a movie set. The neighbors' porch lights flickered as the huge beam of light canvassed the houses.

Our neighbor, who lived two doors down from us in the same townhome unit, saw a bright green light that illuminated her living room. She thought that the light was coming from under her porch which was the cellar. The experience was the same. Yet it was seen differently. We saw a blue light and the neighbor saw a green light. I believe this experience was an alien encounter. 

A few months later in August 1998, another paranormal experience happened. This time it left tangible evidence. Apparitions appeared and embedded themselves within the fibers of a 9ft by 15ft painted black muslin cloth. This cloth was to be used as a photographic backdrop for my photography. I painted this brand new cloth black with a yellow path at the bottom. The cloth was placed directly in front of the sunlit sliding glass doors. Only because this cloth was backlit were the secrets of this mysterious cloth revealed. These images were created by the sunlight filtering through the thin muslin cloth. These images were only visible when the cloth was backlit. Otherwise, the cloth remained black on both sides which left the images hidden within this cloth. The white color seen in these images was not white paintit was light streaming through the fibers of this cloth. I believe that the aliens visited 6 months before this painting and they were the source of the images in this cloth.  I also believe that the cloth was painted the night when the lights appeared. 

My beliefs were strengthened when two UFOs, along with a galaxy, appeared among the other images in the cloth. It was almost like the aliens watermarked this cloth to let us know the artist responsible for this masterpiece. The entire cloth, 9ft x 15ft, seems to replicate the galaxy itself.

After studying the cloth, I realized that the UFOs appearing in the cloth were not that far -fetched. There was a strong connection between UFOs and other biblical images. In fact, there were several Renaissance paintings that included UFOs. Below is the popular Renaissance painting entitled, "Our Lady of the Flying Saucer." Also, to the left are the two UFOs that were found in the cloth; one right-side up, one up-side down. These images were embedded between the fibers of this black muslin cloth and were only visible if the cloth was backlit. 

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The cloth was displayed at  the Maryland Institute College Of Art in Baltimore, MD in October 2013.

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